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FACT: 40% of all denied claims and/or delayed claim payments are due to incorrect information obtained by front-end office staff.

Training will be custom-tailored to your clinic’s needs and cover the following topics:

1. Patient Interaction

  • Greeting new and established patients

  • Pleasant and effective patient interaction over the phone 

  • Collecting all required payments at time of service (co-payments, coinsurances, and deductibles, if applicable)

  • Reducing Appointment Cancellations

2. Intake and Demographic collection 

  • Complete checklist on required patient information to properly verify insurance eligibility and benefits 

  • Collecting current MD referrals, Post-operative notes (if applicable), imaging reports (if applicable) 

  • Patient information required for Medicare MIPS Compliance

3. Dealing with Insurance companies

  • Accurate gathering of insurance plan benefits and prior-authorization/certification requirements to avoid denied claims “due to no authorization/precertification obtained”

*Training will be conducted as 45-60 minutes via Zoom Meeting or in-person if possible

*Front desk training is included with a signed contract only


Front Desk Training

Front Desk Training

Revenue Cycle Management (For Start-Up and Established Medical Practices)

FACT: Most Healthcare Professionals find it difficult to stay laser-focused on patient-centered care when worried about billing & revenue.

For clients who do manage their own revenue cycle, this comprehensive service shifts daily responsibility of charge entry, claims filing, payment posting, claims follow-up, and denial management from the client to us.

  • Error-free claim scrubbing of primary, secondary, and tertiary claims

  • Electronic/Paper claim submissions via clearinghouse (no additional fee for paper claims)

  • Appeal of Denied Claims 

  • Claims Tracking and Follow-up

  • Monthly Comprehensive Revenue Reports of Outstanding Claims and Patient Balances 

  • Reimbursement Negotiation for Out of Network Claims 

  • Accounts Receivable Clean-up

  • Support team that is always there for you

Rev. Cycle Mgt
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